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Thrilled to introduce you to Kara Powell. A multi-talented sister, friend, administrator and leader, Kara has become a source of inspiration for us all as she has undergone a dramatic physical change and has taken on a lifestyle of health and fitness. We can’t wait for you to be inspired to walk out your own journey of health as you hear part of her story. She’s also included a delicious and healthy recipe for your holiday get togethers! You can be that hostess that smiles and says, “Oh this? It’s gluten free!” 

image1-2Health: The Facts

Three years ago I was 23 years old weighing in at my heaviest, 338 pounds, and having upper right abdominal pain that was gradually intensifying over the course of six months. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. Due to my extreme weight, my doctor recommended that I get gastric bypass surgery in order to lose the weight quickly, thus relieving the liver.

Healing: The Journey

My entire world shattered when I left my doctor’s office that day. I knew my weight and health were out of control, but this diagnosis proved to me just how bad it really was. I opted out of the bypass surgery and told my doctor I wanted to lose the weight naturally and on my own. After one crash diet, months of calorie counting and several episodes of relapsing in my eating habits, I had lost 60 pounds in one year, but I still was not committed to a lifestyle of healthy habits, and my abdominal pain was worsening. I went back to the doctors but this time I was diagnosed with a very, very low functioning gallbladder. A normal function range should be over 30% whereas my function was a whopping 6%. I was sent straight to a surgeon who agreed to operate on me and remove my gallbladder. A “simple” and “low risk” procedure that millions of American’s undergo. This new diagnosis and plan of action left me completely defeated and hopeless yet again. I did NOT want surgery. In fact, I was completely terrified of surgery. I asked my doctor if there was anything that I could do naturally to get this little organ back to working properly. In her words, “I have never seen it been done before.” Right then and there I was determined to prove the doctor (and surgeon) wrong.  I had eaten my way into this, I would eat my out. After the surgeon determined I was not an emergency case, I was cleared to look around and see if there was anything I could do over on the holistic side before he operated. I spent hours, days, and weeks researching the web about the gallbladder.  Around this time, The Father’s House was having a health conference called, Flourish. I attended and it was there that I met Christine Andrews, who spoke on gut health. For the first time in months I had actual hope. That day I made a decision and an appointment to see this holistic nutritionist and commit to whatever she had planned to help heal and restore my gallbladder. Christine helped change my entire perspective on health. She targeted not only my gallbladder during our times together but also my weight. Since seeing Christine I have lost another 87 pounds bringing me to a grand total of 147 pounds lost naturally. My gallbladder was re-tested and has shown significant improvement. The surgeon no longer wants to operate on me and has encouraged me to stick to the holistic side and live a healthy and free lifestyle.

Wholeness: The Transformation

It has been a wild three years filled with physical, mental and spiritual transformation. After getting healthy physically, I began struggling immensely with my spiritual identity.  To that point, I had lived my entire life over-weight due to the lack of education and had always been the quiet, anxious kid on the sidelines who loved to draw instead of kick a ball around. I had lived 23 years in a heavyset frame that was “normal” to me. After losing my weight I struggled to find this new identity when a dear friend told me, “You have to love the old her.” It was like a light switch that went on in my brain. I had been living my entire life under the covering of a false identity that numbers on a scale were masking. I did not truly love myself. For three long years I had worked hard on the external, but now I needed to look internally. With God, I had to walk out a painful and hard process of true inner healing. I needed all versions of myself to be whole and healed to truly walk out the confidence God intended and desired for me. It is now, 3 years later, that I can say I have received a full healing, mind, body and soul, and can celebrate the hard things I’ve overcame.

Below is a treat I like to make to stay motivated during the holidays

“Paleo Angel Food Cake”


Biscuit Recipe (By Brittney Angel)
-2c almond flour
-1/2c arrowroot
-1/2-3/4 TSP baking soda
-1/2c Kerry gold butter
-2 eggs
-3/4TSP vinegar (or lemon juice)

Line baking sheet with parchment paper and pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together and form into biscuit shapes. Bake for 8-12 minutes.

Coconut Milk Whip Cream
-1 can full fat coconut cream (I like the Thai brand)
-1-2TBS honey (or can use a couple drops of liquid stevia as a substitute)
-1TSP vanilla extract

Refrigerate can of coconut milk overnight. The coconut fat will rise to the top and harden. Scoop the hardened coconut cream into a bowl and mix. Add sweetener of choice and vanilla until the mixture forms a whip cream consistency.

Top biscuits with coconut whip cream and berries of choice.
Note: I also like to sprinkle cinnamon on top to add a little extra flavor.


For more recipes like this you can follow Kara on Instagram: @health.healing.wholeness

6 thoughts on “Health, Healing, Wholeness”

  1. Awesome story of self determination and the strength of the Lord to bring about healing and wholeness- mind, body and spirit!

  2. Amazing story, Kara!! I also overcame my battle with obesity due to inspiration God sent me from TFH. So happy to hear you are flourishing and so proud of your perseverance!! May God continue to use your story to help other women in need.

  3. Wow!! Great job Kara! So proud of you! This is only the beginning for you! Can’t wait to see all the places God will take you. Xoxo
    Can’t wait to try that recipe!

  4. May The Lord continue to guide you on your journey, this is also a journey I am on. The Lord has enabled me to begin loving myself, for He made me in His image! That’s a pretty mind blowing thought!

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