TFH Women – A Culture of Community

TFH Women - A Culture of Community

Hello sisters! We’re so excited you are joining us here at the TFH Women blog! We have a world-class church, with world-class leaders, volunteers, ministries and services. Unfortunately, we can’t always abandon our “normal” obligations through the week to participate in what’s going on in the lives of our amazing community. It’s easy to go to a weekend church service unnoticed, in a crowd of hundreds, and feel disconnected by the time Tuesday rolls around. That’s why it’s our desire to meet you wherever you are, i.e., the kitchen over a stove, in the car (at a stoplight of course), a waiting room, in line at Chipotle . . . .

Through the TFH Women blog we’ll be sending stories, tools and encouragement right to your hands. You’ll be hearing from influential women who are impacting their world, have testimonies of healing, wisdom from experience, and a flair for making this world more beautiful. Some you may already know, and some you may not, but we can’t wait to introduce them to you! So stay tuned weekly to hear from a collaborative community of writers, dreamers, doers and teachers here at TFH Women.

Remember, nothing substitutes the inspiration, health, and unity that comes from a gathering of believers. Don’t miss a weekend service at any of our 3 locations, or a small group that meets at the perfect time and place for you! There’s always a spot for you, we’ll see you there!

Welcome to TFH Women

Welcome to our brand new site and community! We can’t wait to connect. You can look forward to posts from our pastors, leaders & amazing influencers just like you very soon.

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Feel free to re-post our invite cards and spread the word! Our heart is to equip, encourage & empower every woman.