Jenn’s Conference Story

It’s that time of year again and, as always, we are so excited and expectant for what God is going to do at TFH Women’s Conference! Below is a story from Jenn. Jenn attended women’s conference for the first time last year, and like many women, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Read more about how God met her, and how God can meet YOU at conference !

Last year my mother in law invited me to attend the Women’s Conference and I was excited and a little nervous. When we arrived there were so many people, none of which I knew.  It was a bit overwhelming at first.  It felt as if I was just going to be just another person in the crowd, but I was trying to be open to what God was going to do through this conference.  So I leaned in.  The first speaker came up and it felt like she was speaking straight to me.  I had never heard anything like it! She was a strong, beautiful, woman of God speaking encouragement and truth through His word. Then this strange “feeling” came over me.  A passion started to stir within me. I wanted to be the someone who encourages others to follow God.  By the end I was in tears and as the altar call began my arm shot up so fast. At that point I realized, though I had been a believer, I was following in my husband’s faith and it wasn’t fully mine.  So right then I committed my life fully to Christ.

The next day I woke up with a renewed energy and excitement. I couldn’t wait to hear what came next.  As the next strong, beautiful, woman of God stood up and began to speak I could feel my cup being filled even more. And again there was that stirring. The undeniable urge to be immersed in God’s word and sharing what He is speaking through me.

Saturday afternoon I sat in on a breakout session led by two of the pastors of TFH.  They were laughing, being real and speaking plainly about day to day life. I immediately connected with their stories and I knew this “feeling” was not just a feeling.It was very clear, not only were these two ladies going to become my new best friends, but at that point God was revealing my calling through these amazing women. That I was meant for a life in ministry.

Since Women’s Conference 2016, God has placed the call of ministry on both my husband and I. He has broken down walls and opened up doors we would have never imagined.  I am so excited for Women’s Conference 2017 as I know He will continue to reveal His path for my life.

So if you have never been to conference, come with an open mind, an open heart and be ready to hear from the strong and beautiful women of God and experience what He has planned for your life.

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