Women’s Conference 2016

Listen to the messages from Women's Conference 2016

Four world-class speakers joined us over a three-day period, to challenge and equip us to influence and shape our families and culture. Every woman, every age, every walk of life – hear Charlotte Gambill, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Bianca Olthoff, and Havilah Cunnington open the Word. Friday evening worship was lead by special guest, Kristene DiMarco from Bethel Music.

Listen to the Main Sessions Here:

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Session 1 – Charlotte Gambill

Session 2 – Dr. Caroline Leaf

Session 3 – Bianca Olthoff

Session 4 – Charlotte Gambill

Session 5 – Bianca Olthoff

Lab 1 – Dr. Caroline Leaf

Lab 2 – Beth Kinder

Lab 3 – Dr. Nina Baratiak

Lab 4 – Chrissy Helmer

Lab 5 – Robyn Bittle & Hilary Harris

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Charlotte Gambill:
Charlotte has an infectious love for life, a deep love for people and zealous love for God’s House. Her passion is to build the local church across the earth, to see people reach their full potential and to develop and strengthen leadership. Charlotte is known for her practical, humorous and passionate application of Gods word. Her messages of life and purpose are rallying a generation to embrace the broken and become ambassadors of hope. Charlotte is an author, speaker, pastor and mother, she leads Life Church in England with her husband Steve and together they have two children, Hope Cherish and Noah Brave.

Dr. Caroline Leaf:
Since 1985, Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Communication Pathologist and
Audiologist, has worked in the area of Cognitive Neuroscience. She specialized in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Learning Disabilities focusing on the Science of Thought as it pertains to thinking and learning. She developed a theory and did some of the initial research back in the 1990’s showing how the mind can change the brain. She applied the findings of her research in clinical practice for nearly 25 years and now lectures and preaches globally. She is a prolific author, and has her own show on TBN called “Switch on Your Brain”. Her passion is to help people see the link between science and scripture as a tangible way of controlling their thoughts and emotions, learning how to think and learn and finding their sense of purpose in life. Caroline and her husband, Mac, live in Dallas, Texas with their four children.

Bianca Olthoff:
Bianca is a writer and teacher in love with two men: Jesus and her husband, Matt. Bianca has been in ministry for fifteen years and wholeheartedly believes that everything we do—whether we walk, talk, preach, or teach, we do it all in the name of LOVE. Bianca didn’t learn how to read until she was eleven, but now she can’t put down books. She believes in a faithful God, even when she’s faithless. She loves God and is committed to speaking truth when it hurts, loving when it’s hard, and living life out loud. She has her masters in Humanities, and over the last five years has spent her days advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves as the Chief Storyteller for The A21 Campaign, and resourcing women with leadership tools all over the globe as the Creative Director for Propel Women. She is also a step-mom who loves to have dance parties with Parker, Ryen, and Ricci [aka The Cutest Dog In The World]. Whether discussing topics from justice to pop culture she is passionate about God’s word and teaches around the globe about life, love, and the pursuit of Jesus. She has spent the last ten years building the Church and mobilizing God’s people to action alongside, Matt, the Executive Director and Pastor for Project Europe. She is excited about the publication of her first book, Play With Fire, which arrives to a bookstore near you on August 30th, 2016!

Havilah Cunnington:
In addition to slaying dragons, Havilah is a wife, mom, author, communicator, and friend. She is a Pastor at Bethel Church, the Director of Moral Revolution, and Founder of Living the Good Life Now. Recently, she began online Bible Studies hoping to inspire the world from her kitchen table and reaching thousands through her books Radical Growth, I Do Hard Things, and The Good Stuff. Havilah’s greatest joy is spending time with her husband, Ben, and their four young sons: Judah, Hudson, Grayson, and Beckham.